Elijah's First Pictures

Elijah James Ford was born on September 21, 2004. These are his first pictures
000-Brand new baby 001-Epidurals are great! 003-And weighing in at 004-Mother and new baby
007-Mother and new baby 010-Mother and baby - day 1 011-Nursery ID 015-Father and son
016-Betsy, Elijah, and Mich 017-Mother and baby - day 1 018-New addition to the fam 019-Father and son
020-Father and son 021-Betsy Lee holding Elija 022-Mother and son 024-In his new swing
025-p0006076 026-In his new swing 028-I love my Mommy 029-In his new swing
030-I love my Mommy 032-I'm tired of getting we 033-Soft little blond baby 034-I love my Mommy
035-Dad with his boy 036-Dad with his boy 037-Dad with his boy 038-p0006090
040-Dad with his boy 041-Dad with his boy 042-p0006094 044-Now a family of 3
046-wide awake 047-wide awake 049-wide awake 050-Resting on the floor
052-Resting on the floor 054-p0006106 057-Baby in the morning lig 058-Looking at Daddy
059-Newest Carolina Panther 060-Newest Carolina Panther 061-Baby in the morning lig 062-Baby in the morning lig
064-Baby in the morning lig 065-Baby in the morning lig 068-Baby in the morning lig 070-Baby in the morning lig
073-Resting with Daddy 074-Resting with Daddy 075-p0006127 085-p0006140
086-p0006139 087-p0006137 089-p0006141 090-p0006142
091-p0006143 093-p0006145 094-p0006146 095-p0006148
098-p0006151 099-p0006152 100-p0006149 103-p0006155
105-p0006157 113-p0006165 114-p0006167 117-p0006169
132-p0006184 133-p0006185 134-p0006186 135-p0006187
136-p0006188 137-p0006189 139-p0006191 140-p0006192
141-p0006193 142-p0006195 143-p0006194 144-p0006205
145-p0006199 146-p0006194 147-p0006201 149-p0006213
152-p0006218 153-p0006219 156-p0006224 157-p0006225