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Whata delight to see, I did not know you were in
Europe. Fabulous!!!!!
Thanks so much for including me on yor web page. As
you know Sharon did the Forum this weekend. We were on
the phone as she drove down from Greensboro for over
an hour!!!!

It is a GOOD thing!!!

Keep in touch!!!

WOW !!! You ARE the best when it comes to sharing your
vacations and travels.  What a guy !!!  Needless to
say, I wish I were there with you.  Looks like a good
time, not to mention the awesome priviledge of seeing
the Tour. You do a great job of taking pics AND
narrating them. I look foreward to more pics when you
return.  Enjoy and travel safely.  See ya soon !!!


PS...I'll kick your butt on the bike when you get

Doug, thanks for the virtual vacation! We who are
homebound for the summer salute you. Not only are you
a good photographer, you're a good writer, too--very
excellent narration. Carl and I were talking last
night about how much we enjoyed your pictures, and he
said he felt bad that he hadn't had time to reply and
let you know. "I'll do it!" I said. Thanks for keeping
us on your list. Enjoy!

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